Forever Era and Sheet Ghosts Singles for Bandcamp Royalty-Free Friday December 4 2020!

To honor the radness of Bandcamp waiving their fees periodically this year, and to throw a middle finger up to the year 2020 itself, we are releasing two new singles before the end of the year, on December 4th!

We are mega-stoked to announce the first track, “Patterns Per Partition” by Forever Era, a collaboration between Justin Sinkovich (The Poison Arrows, Acquaintances, ABPK, Thumbnail), Yukio Murata (My Way My Love) and Adam Reach (The Poison Arrows, Pink Avalanche).

“Patterns Per Partition” is out on Bandcamp for their royalty-free Friday on December 4th 2020 and will be available on other digital services soon after. The track features a wild and dizzying array of sequencers, multiple drum kits from Adam, keyboards, guitars, and vocals from Justin and Yukio.

There’s an album on the way in early 2021 as well!

We also have two brand new horror-inspired tracks by Sheet Ghosts that follow up and compliment the ‘Did It Ever Happen EP’ we released a few weeks ago. In addition to the crew from the EP, the FT106 is the ‘Moon Eats Sun’ single includes our friend Matt Jencik who has played with bands like Implodes, Hurl, Don Caballero, and Slint.

Check out both of these new releases on Bandcamp starting Friday, and on the other digital services soon after.

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