FT105 – Sheet Ghosts – ‘Did It Ever Happen?’ EP – Out October 23rd 2020!

FT105 – Sheet Ghosts  – Did It Ever Happen?  EP Out October 23 2020!

The presence of Sheet Ghosts first haunted the mind of Ben Crowell, which he used as a means to pay tribute to his lifelong love of horror movies and their accompanying soundtracks. Teaming up with Matt Christensen (Zelienople), the two created a “lost soundtrack” to a film that never existed, The Terror In LaBagh Woods (a local and notable site during the Satanic Panic hysteria of the 1980’s.) Shortly after it’s mysterious digital release through Glassworks Coffee, Matt vanished back into the night while Ben chose to move forward, eager to see what else he would be able to conjure. 

Early in 2020, work began on new songs, and Ben summoned friends Thor Harris (Thor & Friends, Swans, Shearwater, a squillion others) Pall Jenkins (Black Heart Procession, Three Mile Pilot) and Tom Sadler (Tatsongs). Assisted by Matt Orenstein (Lionel O) and Justin Sinkovich (The Poison Arrows, Atombombpocketknife, Thumbnail) these songs slowly took form and revealed themselves as the Did It Ever Happen? EP

Available through the ether via File 13 Records October 23rd 2020, with physical manifestations forthcoming. 

A new collection of songs based on a short story by weird fiction author Laird Barron is currently in the works, and should likely show itself in 2021.


  1. Did It Ever Happen? (part 1)
  2. Nothing But The Night
  3. A Cursed Forest (version) 
  4. Did It Ever Happen? (part 2)
  5. Whatever Walked There, Walked Alone
  6. Did It Ever Happen? (part 3)

Ben Crowell: Synths, Guitar, Drum Machine
Thor Harris: Vibraphone, Marimba, Harmonium, Electric Tongue Drum, Dulcimer, Drums, Congas
Pall Jenkins: Synths, Saw, Mellotron, Guitar
Tom Sadler: Guitar

Matt Orenstein: Additional Synth on Track 1
Justin Sinkovich: Additional Guitar on Track 6

Recorded February – September 2020 in Chicago, Austin, San Diego, St. Louis, & Los Angeles.
Mixed by Justin Sinkovich
Mastered by Zachary Caputo

Art Direction & Layout: David Babbitt
Hail David Babbitt!
Ghosts photographed by Ben Crowell
Ghosts: Sara Hays

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