FT99 – The Poison Arrows – ‘Seek Harbor – Single’ For Charity Out April 17 2020!!!

The Poison Arrows
Seek Harbor – Single
April 17 2020
File 13 Records

All proceeds from this single will be donated to the Arts for Illinois Relief Fund.

Chicago’s The Poison Arrows was about to announce its 4th LP along with a European tour and US tour dates all scheduled for late May / early June. The vinyl was paid for, but the pressing plant had to close before it got pressed. Obviously the tour has all kinds of issues as well, so the album and all touring are currently on hold until further notice. 

We wanted to do something to stay creative, stay active, and stay sane since we cannot even rehearse. Clearly, a song called “Seek Harbor” is fitting for today’s times. It will be the first song on side two of the LP. It is named after one of the two Czech companies that provide our van, gear, and driving companion on our tours. It was written well over a year ago, but the lyrics definitely hit home during this mess. Toward the end of the song, there is a tribute to our last European tour manager (also with the band Savak), Darko who lives in Zagreb Croatia, and who we hope to see soon.

Although we have taken some substantial financial hits in our households, for now, we are all able to pay our bills. So we have decided to raise awareness and money the Arts for Illinois Relief Fund. All proceeds from this single will be donated to them, at least, as much money as a single from an obscure band can. A lot of people are hurting financially, if you have a little bit to give them, please do, you can go to the link here, https://artsforillinois.org/donate-and-apply and/or spend a few dollars on the single here https://file13records.bandcamp.com/

This will likely be the only track from the album to be released before the album is rescheduled and announced, but File 13 is working on some additional releases for Arts for Illinois as well. We are unable to afford to hire our typical promotion professionals for this, so if you can help us spread this news or wish to contact us to do any promotional support or anything, please do.

There is a pre-order up on Bandcamp, and then it was just submitted to other digital services for April 17th.

Seek Harbor for health and safety. Love to you all. 

Justin. Adam. Patrick. The Poison Arrows

Bass Guitar by Patrick Morris
Drums and Percussion by Adam Reach
Guitar and Vocals by Justin Sinkovich
Music Recorded at Electrical Audio Studio A with Greg Norman
Vocals Recorded by Justin Sinkovich at his House
Mixed by Brian Deck at Narwhal Music Studios
Mastered by April Golden
Photography by David Babbitt
Art Design by David Babbitt and Adam Reach

Opened up the locket because lockets never lie
Cause you’re lying to a picture of the only one who tried
Tried to paint a picture tried to picture that one more lie
Then I opened up the locket and it ended up a disguise

Seek harbor our own way
Seek harbor from your friends
Seek harbor our own way
Seek harbor from our own selves
Seek harbor our own way
Seek harbor from our friends
Seek harbor our own away
Seek harbor from indoctrination

Retreating from the rest of what bears repeating is all the lies
If only we had pawned that locket and trusted Darko all the time

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