Forever Era

Yukio Murata – guitar, sequencers, keyboards, vocals
Justin Sinkovich – guitar, keyboards, vocals
Adam Reach – drums, sequencers

When Chicago’s The Poison Arrows postponed their new album and touring in the spring/summer of 2020, guitarist/vocalist Justin Sinkovich (The Poison Arrows Acquaintances, Atombombpocketknife, Thumbnail) relocated to a house in the woods about 3 hours from Chicago for over a year, and started constructing tracks for a new project. As the project took shape, Justin messaged his long-time friend and File 13 label mate Yukio Murata (My Way My Love, Inoran, The Mortal) in Tokyo to contribute. Yukio dove into every track, quickly becoming a co-producer and member. Adam Reach (The Poison Arrows, Pink Avalanche) had also moved from Chicago to Chapel Hill, NC, and provided foundational sequencers and live drum tracks on several key tracks remotely as well. A couple of songs were quietly revealed on streaming services as the album was completed.

If you are familiar with The Poison Arrows and My Way My Love, imagine these bands deconstructing their framework into a dizzying array of sequencers, drum machines, samplers, synthesizers, and experimentations with their more typical drums, guitars, and vocals providing the final aesthetic layers, all being shared back and forth across time zones.