• FT83 - SHIT! by My Way My Love out July 31 2015! Listen to CRACK of DAWN!

    It may be July 30 here in Chicago, but it is July 31st in Japan which means my way my love's album is out now there! Check out this second track CRACK OF DAWN and head over to our store to buy! It will be available at all of the major digital music services on the 31st, whenever that is for you :)

  • Announcing FT83 - My Way My Love - SHIT! - July 31 2015


    File 13 Records is thrilled to announce the release of the album ‘SHIT!’ by Tokyo Japan’s My Way My Love worldwide on July 31, 2015.  File 13 first discovered My Way My Love over a decade ago while they toured extensively in the United States.  Their album ‘Hypnotic Suggestion:  01 (FT53) was released in 2005 by File 13 to much excitement due to their high energy live shows, plus press coverage by Pitchfork, Pop Matters and many more.   MWML continued to tour particularly in Europe and Japan, and has remained active in releasing a series of well received albums.

    File 13 reconnected with the band in 2015 to discuss the release of their latest full length.   The album title provocatively and playfully speaks to the hyperactive energy of this noisy spastic post-punk alternative rock album.  ‘SHIT!’ displays an evolution and mastery of production and songwriting revolving around their signature sound conjuring thoughts of Brainiac, Sonic Youth, and Failure with injections of Japanese syntax. 

    My Way My Love is lead by vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist Yukio Murata and also currently includes drummer and vocalist Shozo Ishida.   Look for tour dates to accompany the album release with Japanese tour dates currently confirmed, and more to come. 

  • Welcome to the New Website!

    An update that was long overdue, welcome to the new file-13.com! We are ramping up some projects over here so check back soon.  In the meantime don't forget our latest release by Acquaintances (FT82) put together by folks from F13 bands like The Poison Arrows, Shake Ray Turbine, Chino Horde, Thumbnail, and ABPK... not to mention other bands like Ponys, Don Caballero, and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists!  The album has received a lot of nice reviews from publications throughout the US and Europe.  The debut self-titled full length is available on vinyl which includes a CD inside, or digital. Check it out and much of our catalogue in our webstore! More releases to be added there soon as well.