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  • FT95 - Acquaintances '8 1/2 Lives' out May 31 2019!

    As part two of the 30th Year Anniversary celebration, File 13 is has conjured up the long-awaited second Acquaintances album 8 ½ Lives. FT95 will be released on vinyl and digitally May 31st. 

    Acquaintances is:
    Jered Gummere – Guitar, Vocals (The Ponys, Bare Mutants, Richard Vain)
    Justin Sinkovich – Guitar, Vocals (The Poison Arrows, Atombombpocketknife, Thumbnail, File 13 manager)
    Patrick Morris – Bass (Don Caballero, The Poison Arrows)
    Chris Wilson – Drums (Titus Andronicus, Ted Leo + Pharmacists, Hammered Hulls, Open City, Hound)

     Also with:
    Stephen Schmidt – Guitar (Thumbnail, Chino Horde)
    Adam Reach - Percussion, Keyboard (The Poison Arrows, Pink Avalanche)

    These guys have clearly been busy since the Acquaintances debut back in 2013 with their other bands, and now this File 13 family collaboration delivers.  Scattered in Chicago, Philly, and Portland, they are cashing in their frequent flyer miles for some shows as well.

     Album Release Shows:
    Thursday June 6th Bloomington IL @ Nightshop w/ WitchFeet
    Friday June 7th TBC
    Saturday June 8th Chicago IL @ The Empty Bottle w/ Gnarboyz

    File 13 is lining up all kinds of trickery for the 30th anniversary.  First was the release of FT94, Pink Avalanche’s album III last week, now FT95 Acquaintances 8 ½ Lives out May 31st.