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  • FT89 - My Way My Love - 'she sky my heart with blue' - out on Vinyl LP June 30 2017!

    Tokyo's Yukio Murata and My Way My Love are back with a new album,  and a very special installment in their extensive catalogue.  FT89 'she sky my heart with blue' is available June 30th, but ONLY on vinyl LP, so turn off your Wi-Fi and put your phone in airplane mode.  

    As a follow-up to their 'Blue' cassette, the new LP includes a couple of songs from 'Blue,' just in case you do not have a tape deck.  MWML is back with their tight spastic noise post punk.   However, Side A of the new album is comprised of tracks that are a little slower, with more spacey melodies, more acoustic guitars, and show a more nuanced side of the band.  Side B gets back to their frantic jagged tempos and shape shifting Jazzmaster driven compositions.  The combination of both sides of the album display the wide range of talents from our Japanese friends.


    More news soon!

    Previous Press from 'Hypnotic Suggestion:01'
    "There's plenty to like about My Way My Love. This Tokyo trio rocks sludgy basslines and squirmy could-be-brilliant chromatic guitar riffs like the best Sonic Youth rips out there. Lovers will enjoy "Captain"-- textbook hard 90s college rock, tuneless but with a drummer who's confident as fuck, as well as "Sports", which is the same song as "Captain" but with klaxon sirens and heavy-handed quiet-loud, and "Sound Of Gold", an accidental tribute to the Slint reunion tour." - Pitchfork