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  • FT88 - The Poison Arrows - 'No Known Note' - Out April 28, 2017

    File 13's disjointed flagship The Poison Arrows has finally followed up their 2010 last LP, with album three 'No Known Note.' It's out on the 28th, but will be in some stores for Record Store Day 2017!  

    Available on very high quality vinyl LP and digital. Order it here:

    And there are already three tracks you can listen to at that Bandcamp link after being premiered by Brooklyn Vegan, New Noise Magazine, and CLRVYNT.

    The trio is easily recognizable from their past work, but there are some major differences.  The keyboards were almost completely left at home, and the layers have been stripped away for a more focused and honest representation of walking into a room where the Arrows are plugged in.  

    Scott from Girls Against Boys, Tony from Bloodiest and ABPK, and Brian from Disappears and 90 Day Men all guest on the album.  Recorded as always at Electrical Audio by Greg Norman and now mastered by Bob Weston, the cavernous drums lock in with Patrick's always bewildering bass lines and punch you in the chest, while Justin threads a more noise rock sound on top.  The lyrics and vocals are a mixture of brutal truth and abstract prose as if it recited directly at you in a bar conversation.