• FT90 - My Way My Love / The Poison Arrows - Split Single - out August 11, 2017!!!


    The split single with Tokyo’s My Way My Love and Chicago’s The Poison Arrows titled by its catalogue number ‘FT90’ is out Friday August 11, 2017 on File 13 Records 

    The Poison Arrows and My Way My Love have been label-mates for many years now.  As the two most active bands on the label, they have become very close friends, and have always wanted to work together.  When My Way My Love was releasing their album ‘she sky my heart with blue’ and The Poison Arrows was releasing our new album ‘No Known Note’ around the same time, it was a perfect chance to collaborate. 

    Both of the songs are a great introduction to each band.  MWML’s “Honey” is definitely one of their best, as complex, frantic, and intense as it is melodic.   You can read the full lyrics to “Honey” below, and singer and guitarist Yukio Murata explained the lyrics meaning behind Honey:

    “Honey” is (a) story when I looked up at the sky...a state of sadness, grief, and mourning after the loss of a loved one.This is " Love Song " for me, for I loved one.”

    The Poison Arrows track “Why We Study History” was recorded at the same time as their newest album ‘No Known Note,’ and is the most politically-minded of the recent tracks as singer and guitarist Justin Sinkovich explains:

    “The latest social and political climate is baffling to me, it is as if we are devolving.  We should be analyzing the mistakes of the past to learn from our mistakes and move forward as humans. If only those caught up in their backwards agendas would study history… we should have moved past these petty conflicts years ago.” 


    How far is your heaven
    When it comes when it goes
    Is it a long way?

    How high is your sky is…
    I’m fallin’… how far is??

     Your smile still remains
    Is where I hung tears
    Stars burn so bright tonight
    Where you’ve gone to

    You got me floating low
    You got me flying high
    Your smile still remains
    Is where I hung tears
    Stars burn so bright tonight
    Where you’ve gone to…
    Your shadow still remains

    Why We Study History

    Trace the time we’ve isolated
    Trace the trash we’ve complicated
    Trash the time we’ve tried to save us again

    Cross the border cross the line
    Cross the basis for no time
    Cross the stasis of not if but when

    That’s the way we stay defeated
    That’s the way we’ve lie and cheated
    That’s the reason we seem so cross again

    Pass the test to bury me
    Forget the past to stop the bleeding
    Erase the past to set you free again

    Pass the test to bury me
    Forget the past to stop the bleeding
    That’s the reason we study history

    Errands run and soon distorted
    Errant exports of the soon reported
    Lazy accounts of debates on if we have won

    Close the past on re-entry burn
    Close to last and negative return
    Now let’s cash that check and that project’s done

    That’s the way we’ve loved and hated
    They way we stay negated
    That’s the way we finally bit our tongue

  • FT90 - My Way My Love / The Poison Arrows - Split Digital Single!

    Our two currently active bands join forces for a split digital single! My Way My Love contributes an incredible track called "Honey" which is the perfect introduction or catalogue compliment to this Japanese noise rock band.  MWML successfully dares to add as many spastic anthemic parts into a three and a half minute song. It may be their best song to date.  The Poison Arrows offer up "Why We Study History" which is a track recorded in the 'No Known Note' album sessions with the intention of saving it for this collaboration.  The track mirrors the music on the new album, leaning toward the more rock single side, although it ends with a long instrumental noise jam as is signature for the band making the track clock in at almost six minutes.

  • FT89 - My Way My Love - 'she sky my heart with blue' - out on Vinyl LP June 30 2017!

    Tokyo's Yukio Murata and My Way My Love are back with a new album,  and a very special installment in their extensive catalogue.  FT89 'she sky my heart with blue' is available June 30th, but ONLY on vinyl LP, so turn off your Wi-Fi and put your phone in airplane mode.  

    As a follow-up to their 'Blue' cassette, the new LP includes a couple of songs from 'Blue,' just in case you do not have a tape deck.  MWML is back with their tight spastic noise post punk.   However, Side A of the new album is comprised of tracks that are a little slower, with more spacey melodies, more acoustic guitars, and show a more nuanced side of the band.  Side B gets back to their frantic jagged tempos and shape shifting Jazzmaster driven compositions.  The combination of both sides of the album display the wide range of talents from our Japanese friends.


    More news soon!

    Previous Press from 'Hypnotic Suggestion:01'
    "There's plenty to like about My Way My Love. This Tokyo trio rocks sludgy basslines and squirmy could-be-brilliant chromatic guitar riffs like the best Sonic Youth rips out there. Lovers will enjoy "Captain"-- textbook hard 90s college rock, tuneless but with a drummer who's confident as fuck, as well as "Sports", which is the same song as "Captain" but with klaxon sirens and heavy-handed quiet-loud, and "Sound Of Gold", an accidental tribute to the Slint reunion tour." - Pitchfork

  • FT88 - The Poison Arrows - 'No Known Note' - Out April 28, 2017

    File 13's disjointed flagship The Poison Arrows has finally followed up their 2010 last LP, with album three 'No Known Note.' It's out on the 28th, but will be in some stores for Record Store Day 2017!  

    Available on very high quality vinyl LP and digital. Order it here:

    And there are already three tracks you can listen to at that Bandcamp link after being premiered by Brooklyn Vegan, New Noise Magazine, and CLRVYNT.

    The trio is easily recognizable from their past work, but there are some major differences.  The keyboards were almost completely left at home, and the layers have been stripped away for a more focused and honest representation of walking into a room where the Arrows are plugged in.  

    Scott from Girls Against Boys, Tony from Bloodiest and ABPK, and Brian from Disappears and 90 Day Men all guest on the album.  Recorded as always at Electrical Audio by Greg Norman and now mastered by Bob Weston, the cavernous drums lock in with Patrick's always bewildering bass lines and punch you in the chest, while Justin threads a more noise rock sound on top.  The lyrics and vocals are a mixture of brutal truth and abstract prose as if it recited directly at you in a bar conversation.

  • FT87 - My Way My Love - 'Blue' cassette out April 1

    We are stoked to announce a new cassette-only release by our Japanese friends My Way My Love!

    'Blue' is a the follow up to their spastic noise rock full-length 'SHIT!'  

    "Blue' finds Yukio and company stepping back, slowing down, and experimenting with space and melody.  These four meandering jams are a unique taste of MWML and are only available on the physical tape form. We should be getting some into the File 13 Store store soon. Otherwise, you can order directly from the band (in Japan) from their store.

    If you are in or near Japan, they are also touring in support of 'Blue.'  Check out the tour dates here.

    More news regarding My Way My Love soon!!!

  • Jon Lindsay on Tour Supporting 'Cities & Schools'

    Check out Jon and his band on tour supporting his new album. More tour dates to come in the US and Europe as well!

    July 22 - Carrboro, NC, Cat's Cradle
    July 23 - Winston-Salem, NC, The Garage
    July 24 - Vienna, VA, Jammin' Java
    July 25 - Brooklyn, NY, TROOST
    July 26 - New York, NY, Rockwood Music Hall
    July 28 - Nashville, TN, The 5 Spot
    July 29 - Charlotte, NC, The Evening Muse
    July 30 - Statesville, NC, BLUE DAYS FESTIVAL
    July 31 - Wilmington, NC, Brooklyn Art Center

  • FT84 - The Poison Arrows 'Forever Era: The Poison Arrows Solo Years' Out Now!

    Listen / Buy - at our Bandcamp and major digital music services worldwide.

    Before Chicago’s The Poison Arrows became a full band, singer/guitarist/keyboardist Justin Sinkovich was experimenting solo with electronics and noise under the same name. He played a handful of shows locally and on a short tour of the East Coast.  He mainly locked himself into his home studio and recorded.  The tracks ended up on a couple of compilations, and the ‘Trailer Park EP’ released in 2004 on File 13 Records.  A remix album called ‘Premix’ was released on in 2006 featuring remixers like Martin Rev, Brian Deck, and Jonah Sharp preceding the to-be debut album.  Short videos accompanied each remix as well.  That debut solo album never came out.  Instead, The Poison Arrows became a band, released their first EP in 2007, and began touring and releasing music until going on hiatus in 2010.  The solo tracks sat on hard drives with some complete, and some in pieces.  Justin remained active in contributing electronic production for The Poison Arrows as a trio, and occasionally worked on a solo song.

    Since The Poison Arrows the band has reactivated in 2015, File 13 took this opportunity to compile ‘Forever Era,’ a collection of the old solo work.  It shows a variety of noisy medium-fi electronic directions. The album is being released in our digital store, plus major digital music services on August 21, Justin’s birthday. 

    Track Details:

    1. Gin Hospital - unreleased album version (remix version by Sterling on ‘Premix’)
    2. Signs Not Symbols – album version, released on a German compilation in 2005
    3. Sad Javelin – an instrumental, completed in 2011 making it the newest track in the collection
    4. Never Catch Fire – recorded in the sessions for the band’s second LP ‘Newfound Resolutions’ in 2009.  This song was recorded in tandem to a similar sounding track that the band completed on the album entitled ‘Popular Look’
    5. Citi Sno - Prethesis Mix – unreleased album track edited down for release on a San Francisco compilation in 2005 (remix by Brian Deck appeared on ‘Premix’)
    6. Stagger Out – unreleased album track
    7. Trailer Park – title track from the 2004 EP (remix by Martin Rev appeared on ‘Premix’)
    8. We Take – from the ‘Trailer Park EP’ (remixed by Jonah Sharp and also Mike Lust, both versions appeared on ‘Premix’)
    9. Bad Data Trip – from the ‘Trailer Park EP’ (remixed by Slo-Ro for ‘Premix’)
    10. Three Degrees – unreleased and incomplete album track (remix by N.Lannon on ‘Premix’)
    11. White Beautiful Funeral – unreleased album track
    12. What Gets Sent - unreleased album track (remixed by Jonathan Kreinik for ‘Premix’)
    13. Noneself – unreleased album version (remix and vocals by Brother El called “Oneself” on ‘Premix’)
    14. Dead Fucking Wrong – unreleased track with Adam Reach from The Poison Arrows on drums.  This track’s session eventually led to the formation of the full band.
    15.  Citi Sno - Album Version – the full unedited version of the unreleased album track
    16.  Window Seat – unreleased album version (remix by DJ? Acucrack on ‘Premix’)